Excessive Face Sweating

Our faces tend to be the first impression we get to make. Whether you’re in a business meeting or on your first date, your face represents a thousand words – that’s why excessive sweating of the face can be a debilitating social problem for those who suffer from this annoyance. How Face Sweating Can Decrease … Read more

Cure Sweaty Hands

Let’s face it, having sweaty hands is extremely embarrassing. Unlike with armpits, there’s no sweaty hands cure that you can purchase at the drugstore – and with more than one in 100 people silently suffering from this humiliating epidemic, it’s no surprise that people have been seeking help for their sweaty hands, which is known … Read more

Facial Sweating

Normally, people sweat on the face when it is very warm. After an intense workout, the body releases sweat through the skin pores and sweat can trickle down on the face. Entertainers or stage performers who are under the hot and glaring spotlights can sweat all over the body, including the face. In these instances, … Read more